Don't just predict your sales future — change it.

Alpine answers tough questions, fast, so you can focus on the deals in your pipeline that will actually close.

First, we historize and trend everything in CRM. Set goals, monitor and alarm.

Then, we predict sales outcomes, with 95% accuracy.

Human intuition guided by machine learning accuracy.

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help GE make their quarterly numbers.

Everyone on your team deserves an intelligent sales assistant.

Meet Claire your new AI sales assistant.

Meet Claire your new AI sales assistant

Using just text or voice, Claire delivers your predictive analytics. She is also available on Skype.

Claire is an, AI based, Digital Sales Assistant who provides 2-way dialogue with each sales rep helping them answer their most critical daily sales decision - Which opportunities do I focus on?

Using text or voice you simply ask Claire which opportunities have the best chance of closing (or not).

Read about real-life sales transformation through the use of AI.

Stop Kidding Yourself, by Charles Forsgard, book cover

Stop Kidding Yourself is a book that details the experience of leveraging AI to improve the sales process.

The author, Charles Forsgard, outlines his successful AI Sales journey.

Working both domestically and globally, Charles Forsgard has both built new teams and turned around existing ones inside of three different Fortune 100 companies, giving him extensive experience leading large teams focused on complex, consultative selling.

Charles has developed an effective, research-based approach to sales leadership that shifts the focus from sales management to the enablement of the salesperson. This approach centers around a methodology for identifying true salespeople, a coaching focus for sales managers, and a unique approach to CRM that combines it with predictive analytics to genuinely make CRM work for the salesperson - instead of the other way around.

WARNING: This is not a book of platitudes. It's the nuts and bolts of how to get CRM working for salespeople through leveraging AI.

Your sales team has the intuition - Alpine guides that human intuition with machine learning predictions.

Alpine uses your CRM data and history, along with Machine Learning, to accurately answer all of the important questions your sales team needs answers to, on a daily basis.

Alpine Automatically can prioritize all your deals using machine learning

Alpine answers your sale's team's daily questions, with 95% accuracy.

Who should I be spending time with?

Alpine matches the most impactful deals, with the greatest chance of closing to each sales person, on an individual basis.

What actions do I need to take to close the deal?

Alpine helps identify coachable moments, and gives you timely alerts for in-progress deals.

What should I be forecasting?

Alpine guides your quarterly forecasting exercise by predicting your final sales number, which deals will close, for how much and when. It then provides insights to successfully change the outcome.

What product should I sell?

Our AI provides guidance on which products are the most likely to be purchased with this opportunity.

What is the discount I most likely have to give on this opportunity?

Alpine looks at historic data to provide insight as to the discount that will be needed to close a deal.

Who is the best salesperson to close this deal?

Before you assign an opportunity let Alpine's AI tell you which rep has the best chance of winning the business.

Which deals I forecasted this QTR are Risk?

Which deals are not in my forecast that I might be able to close?

Alpine identifies risk and upside to your sales forecast early enough to impact your quarterly result.

How Alpine Works

Alpine records everything, so Alpine knows everything.

It all starts with your CRM and Alpine’s historical recorder. Alpine captures ALL your data, even the bits that other software ignores. This shows Alpine where you have been and where you are, and it allows Alpine to accurately predict the future.

Alpine records all the data from your CRM

Alpine assists in all sales people's forecasting.

Alpine automatically and constantly updates each team member’s forecast, based on their individual interactions with your CRM. Alpine learns and infers from their actions to fill in the gaps in their forecast - automatically.

Alpine assists in all sales forecasting

Alpine uses 43 different signals to score your deals, and brings focus to in-progress deals that need attention.

Traditional scoring is primarily based off of human intuition and one main signal - what stage the deal is in. Alpine uses machine learning and 43 different signals to come up with the most accurate score possible.

Alpine uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to score your deals
Alpine gives realtime insight into what deals have the best chance of closing

Best chance of closing.

Alpine shows you in real-time, what deals have the best chance of closing - regardless of stage in the pipeline. This means you can shift and adapt and bring focus to the deals that matter most.

Alpine priorities the deals with the most potential impact

Most impactful deals.

Adding to the likelihood-of-close score, Alpine also prioritizes the deals that will have the most impact on each salesperson’s quarterly quota.

Alpine automatically chooses the right deal for the right sales person

Right deal, for the right person.

Alpine also matches deals uniquely to the salesperson who has the best chance of closing. This helps the sales manager distribute deals, and helps the team hit their quota.

Overall pipeline health monitoring.

Just like a fitness tracker, Alpine watches the fitness of your pipeline. Monitoring key indicators, like total value of the qualified pipeline, average value of each opportunity, velocity of opportunities and win rate. Should any of these indicators fall out of 'spec', Alpine automatically alerts you - no need to manually monitor metrics.

Alpine provides overall pipeline health monitoring