The Fastest Ramp

The right people on the right deals, all the time.

Wouldn’t it be great if a new sales hire was up and running in days, following the path of your best sales people?

Trouble is, even great sales people take time to learn what works and doesn't work in your sales environment.

With Alpine Metrics, you don’t need to take that time because we automate the learning process and use data science to isolate what works and what doesn't work.


Metrics that matter

More than 200 leading indicator trends from across your oganization are at your finger tips.


Bet on the winners

Give new hires the highest probability leads so they have the best chance to win early.


Watch everything, all the time

Every change and every movement and each lead and each deal is analyzed in real-time and compared to historical patterns of success.


Manage by exception

Know exactly when a deal is off track or not on the path to success.


Engage and facilitate action

Receive alerts in Email, on your phone, tablet or smart watch to let you know which deals need attention and why.

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