The Shortest Cycles

Eliminating waste in your sales process.

Have you ever thought you had a deal won, only to find out you lost it two months ago? As the old adage goes ‘Time Kills All Deals' spending more time at any sales stage than is necessary typically means you are less likely to win in the end. Ironically, sales people tend to reactively spend MORE time on deals after they have past their ‘sell by’ date…

So older = less likely to win AND costs more to lose…

At Alpine Metrics we think faster is better. We combine your historical data with our proprietary predictive analytics to identify the fastest path to success and give your people the guidance and foresight to keep deals on track all along the sales process.


Metrics that matter

Velocity, Cycle Time, Conversion, Win Rates, and more than 200 other leading indicator trends are at your finger tips.


Bet on the winners

Spending your time on the best leads and the highest probability deals means maximum velocity with minimum wasted effort.


Watch everything, all the time

Every change and every movement and each lead and each deal is analyzed in real-time and compared to historical patterns of success.


Manage by exception

Know exactly when deals start to deviate from the pattern of success so you can guide them back on track.


Eliminate work, eliminate defects

Automatically advance sales stages based on machine learning and historical patterns of success versus just gut feel.


Engage and facilitate action

Receive alerts in Email, on your phone, tablet or smart watch to let you and your team know when specific deals need attention.

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