The Best Deals

Work deals with 95% confidence of winning.

Have you ever had a sales person fall in love with a deal? Work it at the wrong time? Over value it? Hang on to it too long? At Alpine Metrics we feel your pain, and we can help… by identifying:

  • Deals that are most likely to close
  • Deals that are over or under valued
  • Deals that need attention, NOW
  • Deals that should be reassigned
  • Deals that may never close

Best Practices

The best sales organizations balance focus between future pipeline development and current quarter closing. Alpine Metrics takes the guess work out of which deals to focus on and when.


Imagine how knowing win/loss, close date, and close amount for each deal with 95% accuracy could transform your sales process.


Optimized Strategy

Inform sales strategy with the foresight of predicted deal conversions. Automatically identify what differentiates a winning deal from a losing deal while there is still time to affect the outcome.

Automated Tactics

Automatically select the best resources to run with a deal based on historical performance and current resource loading. Keep the pipeline clean of deals that will never close.

Manage By Exception

Know which deals are off the winning track while there is still time to get them back on track.

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