The Right Leads

Work leads with 99% confidence of conversion.

Your sales team is awesome, experienced and aggressive. You want them working on leads with the best shot at closing… But are they? Do they KNOW they’re working on good leads? Or are they wasting their time picking through junk in a vain attempt to get to the ‘good ones’ and fighting with Marketing about how bad the leads are?

Don’t waste their time and your money. Instead, use Alpine Metrics and add certainty to the leads process by accurately predicting which leads are most likely to convert, and by assigning that lead to the sales person most likely to convert it, based on their current workload and experience.

Best Practices

Velocity is most important to the lead process. Maintain velocity by choosing the best leads to work and giving those leads to the person most likely to succeed.


Identify which marketing qualified leads will convert with 99% accuracy taking into account more than twenty historical performance characteristics.


Optimized Strategy

Inform marketing campaign strategy with the foresight of predicted lead conversions. Automatically identify what differentiates the best leads from those that will not convert.

Automated Tactics

Automatically select the best resource to run with a lead based on historical performance and current resource loading. Automatically identify the leads that require more nurturing before wasting sales time

Manage By Exception

Know who has too many leads and who doesn't have enough based on real-time performance

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