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How many times have you looked at pipeline and wondered if the right people were working the right deals? How many times have you looked back and thought – it would have been better if THIS sales person had worked that deal.

Even the best sales people run out of capacity, and losing a deal because they don't really have time to chase it is not good for anyone.

With Alpine Metrics, you don’t need to regret, because you can reset, in real time! Alpine’s unique approach combining your historical data with our proprietary predictive analytics makes rock solid recommendations on the right deal/salesperson combination… enabling you to react, not regret…


Metrics that matter

Capacity, Velocity, Win Rates, and more than 200 other leading indicator trends are at your finger tips.


Bet on the winners

When a deal starts to be at risk, we can tell you which of your sales people has the highest probabilty to turn that risk into a win.


Watch everything, all the time

Every change and every movement and each lead and each deal is analyzed in real-time and compared to historical patterns of success.


Manage by exception

Know exactly when a team or an individual sales person has deals at risk or is under / over capacity.


Engage and facilitate action

Receive alerts in Email, on your phone, tablet or smart watch to let you know who in your team needs attention.

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