Have you been to the doctor lately?

When I go to a doctor's appointment, before I see the physician, a nurse weighs me, takes my pulse, blood pressure and temperature.

These are key metrics that indicate my general health. If one of these measurements are out of whack it indicates to the doctor that something might be wrong and more analysis is needed.

Between doctor visits I work out to stay in shape. When I work out I use a fitness monitor as a guide and coach. On first use of the health monitor it ask me some basic questions like my age, weight and height. With this information it sets a baseline that I use during my workouts that monitors measurements like my pulse rate and provides a target, along with an upper and lower limit that I should perform to with my exercise. This real-time monitor provides me effective, immediate feedback that assures this workout is efficiently moving me toward my larger health goals.

At Alpine Metrics we view the traditional delivery of business intelligence much like a visit to the doctor's office. It requires action on your part and once a potential problem is recognized, drill-down and further analysis is needed. We're not saying don't go to the doctor, where just saying by the time you get there you won't be able to influence the results of that days exam.

We see Alpine Metrics delivery of business intelligence something closer to a fitness monitor that provides real-time feedback allowing you to make adjustments on the fly so that next time you visit the doctor (or your boss) there are no surprises.

As an example when evaluating the health of a sales pipeline there are some key measurements that will give indication of the "patients" condition. The total value of the qualified pipeline, average value of each opportunity, velocity of opportunities and win rate are all important factors that directly impacts the revenue you will provide to your company.

Our sales pipeline "fitness monitor" will help set your target along with the upper and lower limits that you need to be aware of for each of these measurements. When one of these metrics fall out of "spec" our software will alert you to the activity that needs your attention.

Time is money. For those that don't have the luxury to sit at a digital dashboard and do drill-downs just remember, "An Alpine a day keeps the doctor away".

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