Metrics Historian: Secure. Personalized. Robust.

Alpine Metrics’ unique sensor technology can securely access your data regardless of whether it lives in the cloud or on premise.

Contrary to traditional BI, we don't replicate your data for long term storage.

Instead, we extract metric results and maintain a high resolution history of those results in our proprietary Metrics Historian. This enables us to quickly build a robust platform to analyze trends and momentum shifts in your data.

Alpine Metrics - Metric Historian
Alpine Metrics, Metric Historian is Secure.


Our Metrics Historian lives on a Microsoft Azure Cloud, ensuring stability, security and performance.

Alpine Metrics, Metric Historian is Personalized.


By capturing historical metrics at the individual level, you receive analysis based on your individual behavior.

Alpine Metrics, Metric Historian is Robust.


Our proprietary historian analyzes and collects high definition data from disparate sources: cloud or on premise.

How the Metric Historian Works

Alpine Metrics, Metric Historian Process Model Explained

Metric Historian Process Model

There are 400+ 'Best Practice' metrics for Sales, Marketing and Service.

Implementation takes 30 minutes for non-predictive, and 10-20 hours to tune predictive metrics.

New Metrics can be developed, tested and deployed across all tenants in < 30 minutes.

Alpine Metrics, Metric Historian Alerting Model Explained

Metric Historian Alerting Models

The Historian provides Goal Setting, Monitoring, Alerting and Analyzing.

Key to robust and accurate predictions are inputs from the time series Metrics Historian.

Learning Analytic Models do the heavy lifting for you.

Alpine Metrics, Learining Analytic Models Explained

Alpine Metrics’ Learning Analytic Models continuously analyze historical and real-time metric results to identify the key relationships that are driving your business.

As we build history across Sales, Marketing, Service and Finance, our models become smarter and more prescriptive.

The resulting analyses are business process specific, allowing you to extract meaningful insights and make data-driven decisions.