Alpine Metrics - Predictive System

Sales people can be tenacious, but they don’t always pick the right deals to spend time on. There isn’t enough time in the day to sell, and analyze data to choose the best deal to work on.

The Right Leads

Work leads with 99% confidence of conversion.

Your sales team is awesome, experienced and aggressive. You want them working on leads with the best shot at closing… But are they? Do they KNOW they’re working on good leads? Or are they wasting their time picking through junk in a vain attempt to get to the ‘good ones’ and fighting with Marketing about how bad the leads are?

Don’t waste their time and your money. Instead, use Alpine Metrics and add certainty to the leads process by accurately predicting which leads are most likely to convert, and by assigning that lead to the sales person most likely to convert it, based on their current workload and experience.

Alpine Automatically can prioritize all your deals using machine learning

The Best Deals

Work deals with 95% confidence of winning.

Have you ever had a sales person fall in love with a deal? Work it at the wrong time? Over value it? Hang on to it too long? At Alpine Metrics we feel your pain, and we can help… by identifying:

  • Deals that are most likely to close
  • Deals that are over or under valued
  • Deals that need attention, NOW
  • Deals that should be reassigned
  • Deals that may never close
Alpine Automatically can prioritize all your deals using machine learning

A Bulletproof Forecast

Foresight and confidence to make your number every quarter.

Raise your hand if you love forecasting...Seriously though, who in Sales wouldn’t like to spend less time forecasting, changing forecasts, and getting berated for changing the forecast? Would certainty and confidence reduce everyone’s blood pressure? Of course it would...

Alpine Metrics does just combining your historical data with our proprietary predictive analytics we accurately predict deal closure and identify the risks and upsides early enough for you to make a difference.

The Shortest Cycles

Eliminating waste in your sales process.

Have you ever thought you had a deal won, only to find out you lost it two months ago? As the old adage goes ‘Time Kills All Deals' spending more time at any sales stage than is necessary typically means you are less likely to win in the end. Ironically, sales people tend to reactively spend MORE time on deals after they have past their ‘sell by’ date…

So older = less likely to win AND costs more to lose…

At Alpine Metrics we think faster is better. We combine your historical data with our proprietary predictive analytics to identify the fastest path to success and give your people the guidance and foresight to keep deals on track all along the sales process.

Reduce Wasted time on deals that won't close with Alpine Metrics

The Optimum Resource

The right people on the right deals, all the time.

How many times have you looked at pipeline and wondered if the right people were working the right deals? How many times have you looked back and thought – it would have been better if THIS sales person had worked that deal.

Even the best sales people run out of capacity, and losing a deal because they don't really have time to chase it is not good for anyone.

With Alpine Metrics, you don’t need to regret, because you can reset, in real time! Alpine’s unique approach combining your historical data with our proprietary predictive analytics makes rock solid recommendations on the right deal/salesperson combination… enabling you to react, not regret…

Have the right person, on the right deal automatically with Alpine Metrics

The Fastest Ramp

Onboard new employees in no time flat.

Wouldn’t it be great if a new sales hire was up and running in days, following the path of your best sales people?

Trouble is, even great sales people take time to learn what works and doesn't work in your sales environment.

With Alpine Metrics, you don’t need to take that time because we automate the learning process and use data science to isolate what works and what doesn't work.

Get new employees up to speed incredibly fast with Alpine Metrics

How the Predictive System Works

Alpine Metrics, Metric Historian Process Model Explained

Predictive System Machine Learning

43 signals are used for our predictions.

Some key examples; The total value of the qualified pipeline, average value of each opportunity, velocity of opportunities and win rate are all important factors.

Currently there are more than 20 prediction assisted decisions derived from predictive models.

New models can be developed, tested and deployed across all tenants in less than 3 hours. New decisions can be deployed in less than 1 hour.

Learning Analytic Models do the heavy lifting for you.

Alpine Metrics, Learining Analytic Models Explained

Alpine Metrics’ Learning Analytic Models continuously analyze historical and real-time metric results to identify the key relationships that are driving your business.

As we build history across Sales, Marketing, Service and Finance, our models become smarter and more prescriptive.

The resulting analyses are business process specific, allowing you to extract meaningful insights and make data-driven decisions.